Living at the School, and Morning Fog

It's my second to last day here at Coeur de France, and since Friday I've been living in one of the three apartments at the school, instead of of the 1 bedroom apartment on other side of Sancerre that I'd been in for the first few weeks. Here's a photo from before, but I'll include it again—it's in this building, which built a long time ago! (1500s? 1600s? Who even knows.) 

My room has the two right-side windows on the second floor

My room has the two right-side windows on the second floor

And here is a shot from inside my studio apartment:

It's got great tall ceilings, and check out that enormous bureau! (Some of you may know that I have an infatuation with ostentatiously large furniture—so beautiful! So impractical!)  I also like the big windows that open up—something about French windows make the interior spaces still seem connected to the exterior spaces. The room is named "Gabriel" and aptly decked out with angels—not pictured are the angels on the ceilings, on the wall paper, on the chandelier, in the pictures, angel figures on the tables...

I've enjoyed living in a different part of town, and my commute to school is much shorter (just down the steps), it feels almost like Hogwarts! Except instead of having magical powers, we have very rudimentary French.

Another thing that this apartment has is a view from my bathroom window down an alley and straight through to the panorama. This morning after my alarm went off and I blearily stumbled to bathroom, I noticed that where I usually can see the Loire and surrounding countryside, I could only see clouds. Which means either the town of Sancerre floated up into the sky (bad news), or that there was fog rolling off the water. Thankfully, it was the latter. I threw on some clothes, grabbed my camera, and ran out to the panorama to snap some photos with the morning light.

This is just one of the panoramas in Sancerre. I was displeased with the buildings blocking the front, so I ran down the hill to a spot I found a couple days ago where there's an unobstrcuted view of an old iron bridge.

Here's another one, panned out.

I wish I'd had a car or a bike so that I could've driven to other, more interesting vantage points, but alas. The sun slipped behind a cloud, so I took the time to hike up a different road to a different panorama, closer to my older apartment. There you can get a good look at Saint-Satur, the village just down the hill. 

I would've liked to stay longer and watch the fog slowly burn off, but I had to be at pronunciation lessons in half an hour. But I'm grateful I got to see such a cool sight!