Heading North: Herrang and Tallinn, again

After London, it was on to Herrang for my third summer there. This time, I stayed in a cabin that was a 12-minute bike ride from the main campus. I’d never stayed off campus before, and bike rides through the Swedish countryside during the late evening and early morning twilight, weaving through the slugs strewn across the road, were magical. But cold! I found myself biking as fast as I could just to stay warm, and it felt all too familiar from my spring in Scandinavia.

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Wow, what a whirlwind six months since last I wrote! For a time there, I’d turned into that unfortunate wretch of “the stressed out grad school student” who, when trying to engage in pleasantries, could somehow only utter sentences about the large amounts of work combined with little amounts of sleep—though sometimes, when I was being truly effervescent, I would be able to monologue about my new and utter obsession with Game of Thrones. Truly, I was a rousing conversationalist! But now it’s mid-summer already and I didn’t write about things like the end of my time in Scandinavia, my trips to Lithuania and Estonia, and how shitty Norwegian springs are (answer: very.) I was in Boston for most of June, sticking around just long enough to do absolutely nothing to celebrate July 4th and then skipping across the Atlantic once again for a few nights in London to kick off European Summer 2017, which brings me here.

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This is the last post I’ll write about this Europe trip, because I’ve been back in Norway for almost two weeks and have so much I want to share! Orientation has been so overwhelming and since I discovered that Sherlock is on Netflix, it’s all I can do to crawl into bed at the end of the night and episode and then have trouble sleeping so I’m tired the next day. But I digress.

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An unglamorous exit from Italy, and off again to Norway

I'm writing (or at least posting) this blog post from my home in Ås, Norway! There are slightly more details about this in the About section, but trust there will be more explanation coming soon. I have been working on the following post for a few weeks now, it was one last memory I wanted to share from Italy that still makes me smile when I think about it.

After deciding to come home I was able to find a flight for the next morning: Perugia to Rome, Rome to Boston. My flight was at 7:30 in the morning, so like a good international traveler I aimed to get there at 5:30, and booked a private car to pick me up.

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Perugia (briefly), and an abrupt end to my time in Italy

Why hello there! I imagine most of you had given up on me, as it's been oooooohhhhh six months since I last wrote. I am sorry about that, I haven’t been ready to write about it, but I'm here now, and I still have a few things to say.

Spannocchia wrapped up on November 30th. The last two weeks were full of preemptive nostalgia, happiness, sadness, and just generally so much emotion. On the last day, we had teary goodbyes while the cats sat on our suitcases.

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