Wow, what a whirlwind six months since last I wrote! For a time there, I’d turned into that unfortunate wretch of “the stressed out grad school student” who, when trying to engage in pleasantries, could somehow only utter sentences about the large amounts of work combined with little amounts of sleep—though sometimes, when I was being truly effervescent, I would be able to monologue about my new and utter obsession with Game of Thrones. Truly, I was a rousing conversationalist! But now it’s mid-summer already and I didn’t write about things like the end of my time in Scandinavia, my trips to Lithuania and Estonia, and how shitty Norwegian springs are (answer: very.) I was in Boston for most of June, sticking around just long enough to do absolutely nothing to celebrate July 4th and then skipping across the Atlantic once again for a few nights in London to kick off European Summer 2017, which brings me here.

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